“Cuts” is a 2012 book release by Rochelle Lynn Holt from Scars Publications. (India: Sanbun ’14)

This book is about an event that didn’t quite take place: my own suicide…
The desire for death ran through my life like a deep sub-current, mostly invisible but powerfully present…(yet) Self-murder preoccupied my mind.

I can’t really explain why I meet certain women, how they hear of me. Maybe I’ve a reputation as a strange southern artist who is known for her counseling. Heaven knows, my Ph.D. in English and Psychology long ago didn’t make me a bona fide therapist! However, I’ve written over a dozen novels but I’ve never been classified as “a bestseller.”

Still, I identify with the conflicts of the young women who seek my guidance!

Lynnette, an actress who was also a secretary to a neurophysiologist, visited me all the way from southern California; she seemed humiliated and dejected. She wanted to be discovered or at least find work as an actor on the stage or television. She introduced herself by reciting lines from Coleridge.