Kidnapped a Quartet

For the children kidnapped at the Border who remain separated from their parents.

Kidnapped  – a Quartet

Part I – The Kidnapped Child
Ganet, a stunning New York model, had been writing in her diary for years.  There were pages and pages of poetic recollections that she’d never shared with anyone.  She had been kidnapped from her island by a white couple and tormented for years by memories of the event.    She’d wondered whether she was an accomplice in the kidnapping or simply a victim.  She’d wondered, even as a child, whether she went willingly with her captors to escape Haiti, a land of despair and poverty that she was not oblivious to. Now, she felt as though she was losing her mind.  There was so much happening in her life.  Her friend Renee had shown her a bizarre script which Ganet had agreed to read-only because Renee insisted. “You’d be perfect for the part.  You could do justice to this role. You understand…” Renee went on.  “You were adopted.  You comprehend the plight of this woman.  Promise me you’ll reconsider!” But, the script blended like a watercolor painting with words in her journal as Ganet reflected in Dr. Rico’s waiting room.  Was she doing the right thing? She’d agreed to be regressed, taken back to her childhood by the therapist she was only seeing because of Greg, her lover, the stone sculptor who ultimately abandoned her.  He’d vanished from her life just as she’d vanished from Haiti.  Ganet was fearful as she waited to be hypnotized. As she went deeper and deeper into her subconscious, she slowly returned to the past.  Her thoughts merged with a strange language she only barely recalled as she began to answer sleepily to Dr. Rico. “Do you see the child you were?” he asked. Ganet was in the deepest state now when she responded.   She’d returned to the island of her birth.  Still, she felt she was still in a script of dreams and memories that mingled fragmented scenes in an independent film.