“Ramblings and the Knee Poems” is a volume of poetry in a 2017 annual series of poem books from Rochelle Lynn Holt, published through Scars Publications.

“Rochelle casts spells with her words.  She is an enchantress who uses language as her primary means of magic while remaining on earth…

Entering her world is like entering a dream where beauty follows.”

Susan Sheppard
(Llewellyn ’17)

Even when body screams pain, mind pushes, oblivious to the battle flesh rages. She plods on like an old field mule with plow. When her sunbonnet falls off, she bends to retrieve. There is a battered dream urging her on in spite of the drought as she prays for rain.

Ramblings 2 Portrait of a Dictator

Hatred is less powerful than tolerance or, Tramp the Joker in the White House deck, would have been found out & removed from cards except for Republican gamblers in Congress. Mythomaniac duped all as a Pied  Piper leading blind citizens over the hill into swamp of indecision for meek minds…

Knee Poems


Faint to fall is mystery of waterfall as body shapeshifts balance into stone separates from edge of cliff to shatter confidence: punishment with broken bones; splintered arms, wrists or ankles with fractures. After faint or fall, guilt spreads foggy pall as victim reflects while herself mutters whether accidents shadow other tones: shame reverberates echo, distant call….


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cover illustration by Dawn Senior-Trask of Wyoming