The Planner

The Planner (Il: Scars Pubs & Design ’16) 304p.
This poem-novel with an illuminating photo by Maggie Furniss that is a cross between a plant and a woman on a cross superbly illustrates the conflict of Marilyn, a senior, who longs to find perfection on Earth but without success despite her myriad positions, including her business as The Planner. Later, Marilyn says, “I received my first e-mail from Earth the other day.  I was amazed that Hazel sent me a missive and a poem.  I’ve not heard from anyone else thus far.” No doubt, Rochelle’s myriad readers are poised to come down to Earth with kudos for the ambitious author. — the late Lili Bita, author of Sister of Darkness and many other books (poetry and fiction