Whistling in The Dark and Weight of Happiness

WHISTLING IN THE DARK & WEIGHT OF RAIN are two novellas that combine to create a humorous/ironic “novel of the future.” Characters seek to fulfill desires in unique ways.

Act of Revenge
Alice changed her name to Alicia after she became famous with her novel, Act of Revenge. For almost a decade she’d labored in pain almost like a long unfulfilled pregnancy before producing one birth that would make her known as a writer of the truest story she could deliver ab out a mother who’s sought revenge for marriage to an abusive husband who drank and insulted her and the children all through the years thy were uprooted often as a family.

Now, in another state, with her birds fled from the familiar nest, she had no friends or change to make any since she lived with only one car which her husband took to work every day. However, less than three months after her novel was published, she felt she’d gotten even with him when the book made the bestseller list.

With a hefty advance and the promise of royalties, she finally divorced the vampire who had almost sucked her dry for more years than she cared to recall.

She returned to the rural environment where she’d felt comfortable as a teenager before she first sought adventure in the big city. It was true what her mother had said, “Youth is wasted on the young.”

After Alice created her next manuscript, in record time of four months, she was dismayed when Liberty Alone brought no fan mail, no swarm of empathetic letters or expressions of gratitude unlike Act of Revenge. she had to admit that possibly her second book was a bomb, because it had been conceived too quickly out of the urgency of her editor and agent.

Nonetheless, victory had been sweet and stimulating for Alicia for the first novel. Her penn name no longer appeared on the book jacket of her second fiction. But, the delivery was false, she rationalized. Alice felt hollow. Her motivation dwindled to inertia. Perhaps she should return to her maiden name or her pen name of Alicia…?


Whistling cover